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Property Management Central Auckland

Are you a property owner looking to improve your rental yield? Central Auckland is the ideal region to achieve a rental yield of 4% and above. Our property management Central Auckland service is specially designed for the aspiring property investors like you, who want to maximise the income potential of their rental properties.

Property Managers Central Auckland

As experienced property managers in Auckland Central, we have been helping clients who are in search of an experienced team to take care of their properties and make them stand out in front of the potential tenants. Whether it’s your residential property that you want to let or a commercial building from which you want to earn rental income, we are here to guide you.

Our combined 50 years of extensive experience in rental management enables us to help landlords maintain their investment properties and generate steady rental income every month. We put our heart and soul into finding the right tenants for your property who will take care of it and keep it in optimal condition. We do the legwork of maintenance, legal documentation, tenant communication, rent collection and everything in between.

Property Management Central Auckland

We Make Your Property Healthy Homes Compliant

The Healthy Homes Standards were implemented in July 2019 to ensure healthier and safer rental homes for tenants. By July 2024, all rental properties in NZ, must comply with these standards. So, if you own a property in Auckland, NZ and want to earn rental income from it, your home must meet the minimum set requirements.

As per the requirements, properties need fixed heating devices, insulation in ceilings and underfloors, mechanical extraction fans for ventilation, ground moisture barriers, adequate drainage, and draught-proofing. Chimneys and fireplaces can be blocked unless a tenant requests to use them in writing. The goal of these guidelines is to provide a warm and dry living environment for tenants.

When you choose our property management Auckland service to manage your Central Auckland property, we ensure that your property is compliant with the Healthy Homes Standards. If any maintenance or repairs are needed, we have a network of contractors to promptly fix all issues and make your property rental-ready and compliant with the Healthy Homes Standards.

We Minimise Your Property’s Vacant Period

No matter if you own a 1-bedroom apartment or a townhouse, every investment property comes with its risks. With our years of experience in property management Auckland, we can efficiently reduce associated risks.

We understand that extended vacancy periods can be one of the most significant challenges for property owners as it directly impacts the rental income and overall profitability of the investment. Our team diligently identifies the reasons and takes prompt action to reduce the vacant period and find reliable tenants quickly.

Our goal is to help you maximise returns on your investment property. By attracting potential tenants, we aim to quickly turn your property into a profitable asset, generating both short-term and long-term rental income.

Detailed Inspection Before Every Tenancy

Once we are done with the tenancy documentation with your new tenants, we do a detailed inspection before handing over the keys to them. This will ensure a smooth and transparent rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

The inspection covers every aspect of the property, including its condition, fixtures, and appliances. We document the property's current state with detailed notes and photographs, capturing any existing wear and tear or damages.

This thorough inspection serves as a reference point throughout the tenancy, allowing us to identify any changes or issues that arise during the lease period. By starting with a clear and accurate record of the property's condition, your local property management specialists will ensure that the property remains well-maintained throughout the tenancy.

Leave Your Property In Safe Hands While You're Away

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, if the property owner is outside New Zealand for more than 21 days, it is a legal requirement to have the property professionally managed in their absence.

It is clearly written in the Section 16A of the Act that landlords must appoint a New Zealand-based agent to take care of their rental property and must notify both the tenants and the bond centre about the appointed agent.

Choose us as your trusted property manager to handle all tenancy-related matters during your absence. Our Auckland property management team at Harbinsons can assist you in fulfilling these obligations and manage your property efficiently while you are away.

We will also collect the rent on your behalf and our management team makes sure that your tenants will be satisfied with us. Once you are back in Auckland, NZ, you can take back the charge of your property.

Put your trust in our property management services, and we do our best to make it the best decision of your life. Our ultimate goal is to help you gain financial clarity and stability, even in the most uncertain times.