Harbinsons Real Estate is an independent and owner-operated agency dedicated solely to the service of Property Management and Rentals.


Property Management North Shore

Get the assurance and peace of mind knowing that your property will receive the professional attention it deserves with our property management North Shore services. We will help you receive timely rental payments and achieve the best possible rental returns without the burden of time commitment and uncertainty.

Maximise Returns with North Shore’s Rental Market

The Shore has rapidly become one of Auckland’s fastest-growing residential and commercial areas, offering ample opportunities for business growth and an attractive lifestyle. Rental properties in the North Shore hold significant potential for rental income and long-term investment returns compared to other parts of Auckland.

Property Management North Shore

Minimise Stress By Hiring A Property Manager North Shore

As a property owner on the shore, we understand your desire to maximise rental returns and minimise risks. We also understand the importance of having complete trust in the property managers that look after your investment. What makes us different is the knowledge gained from years of experience, practical ability backed up by a seasoned team and a true commitment to looking after your place.

We Amplify Your Rental Returns

At Harbinsons, we are committed to amplifying the potential of investment properties. Our extensive research gives us an in-depth understanding of the North Shore rental market, enabling us to secure excellent rental returns for your property. With our watertight reliable processes, you can be confident that your investment is not exposed to unnecessary risks. Our rental property management team is always ready with insightful answers to the most pressing questions you may have as a landlord, such as determining the opportune time to raise rents, identifying necessary property expenses, and clarifying responsibilities between tenants and landlords. Whether it's addressing routine matters or tackling unexpected challenges, our expert team is well-prepared to assist you with all the intricacies landlords encounter.

Tenant Selection Is Not A Problem Anymore

A successful rental property requires reliable tenants who pay on time and take care of the property like their own, and we ensure just that. We employ a diverse set of marketing tools, including TradeMe listings, to maximise exposure and attract a wide pool of potential tenants for your property. We take care of all the legwork, from arranging property viewings to vetting prospective tenants and pre-tenancy inspections. Our dedicated team handles all the cumbersome paperwork so you can relax and enjoy a steady stream of rental income every month.

Your Property Is Our Priority

We understand that managing your rental property alongside your active income can be challenging, leaving little time for proper maintenance. We take care of your property's upkeep with a well-structured maintenance plan. Working closely with you, we ensure your property remains in good condition. We have a dedicated list of trusted contractors, ready to address unexpected repairs and any other issues that may arise. Our goal is to proactively handle maintenance concerns, minimising disruptions for both you and your tenants

We Handle Tenant Issues On Your Behalf

Effective management of tenant issues is crucial for maintaining positive relationships, tenant retention, and safeguarding property investments. As a trusted property manager North Shore, we adopt a proactive approach and open communication channels to encourage prompt reporting and courteous resolution of tenant concerns. We will also create a thorough tenancy documentation with legal compliance to ensure fair and appropriate terms for both tenant needs and property owner interests. In times of any dispute, we will act as mediators to foster cooperation among both parties.

Contact Your North Shore Property Specialists Today

If you have a property to rent on the North Shore, you can count on us as your trusted property management company in the area. We possess unmatched knowledge of the property management services in the North Shore, making us the ideal partner for your property needs. As an owner-operated company, you'll get the chance to work directly with an independent property manager who is dedicated to providing timely assistance and guidance. We are committed to making your investment property more profitable for you. With our North Shore property management services, you can be confident that your investment portfolio returns will continue to grow over time.